Yann Muzika (Japan): Lake Sano Nggoang, New Birding Location in Flores

Lake Sano Nggoang (Photo: Burung Indonesia/Ervis)

In April 2014 (22/04 to 26/04), I made a short trip to Flores (then on to Timor). I had planned on making a trip report out of this but a few weeks later I lost my laptop (and its backup) with all the notes, so instead of struggling to try to put together something incomplete […]

Barend (Netherlands): Magical Mbeliling

The friendliest community

I have many fond memories of my too short visit to Mbeliling. From the first glimpse of the stunning blue-green coloured lake when we arrived in pouring rain. The road right on the edge of the lake with huge fig trees with aerial roots forming arcs over the road. Like even the trees wanted to […]

Jessica (Australia): I Would definitely Like to Return to Mbeliling

DSC_0222 copy

My visit to Lake Sanonggoang was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in Indonesia, and it is definitely a trip I would recommend to anyone looking for a meaningful and unique travel experience. This trip was an opportunity to see the real Indonesia and to learn more about the local culture, environment and […]