Golden Sunset at Sano Nggoang

Everyday around 16.00 you can enjoy the golden sunset at Sano Nggoang. At that time, the sun reflects its rays on the surface creating golden color. However, to enjoy it you should come during dry season. During the rainy season, the sky in Sano Nggoang is usually cloudy. The best place to enjoy this scenery […]

Reis (Traditional Welcoming ceremony)


When you come to Liang ndara or Nunang in West Manggarai, Flores, don’t be surprised if your host suddenly greeted you with their local language and give you some money, palm wine, and betelnut. It is part of the welcoming tradition in those villages. Important guests such as government officials or pastor will be greeted […]

Sano Nggoang: The Shady Burning Lake

IMG_1558 copy

Sano Nggoang in Manggaraian language means burning lake. However, in contrast to its name the lake is clear, green and calm. The lake is ​​513 hectares in size and has a depth of 600 meters and is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level. Sano Nggoang Lake is flanked by three villages—Wae […]

Liang Ndara village: The Home of Caci Dance


A diverse range of tourist attractions have resulted in Liang Ndara becoming a new destination for visitors to West Manggarai, Flores. Liang Ndara is located 750 meters above sea level and offers both cultural and natural attractions for tourists. The most famous attraction in Liang Ndara is the Caci Dance which is basically a war […]