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Will I have the welcoming ceremony?

Yes with the following type of welcome ceremony
1. You will be welcomed on arrival by the village community. Additional price will be charged in the tour package.

2. You will be welcomed into the host family in the traditional way by your host family. No additional price.

Where can I see the Caci dance?

It is performed in Sanggar Riang Tana Tiwa at Liang Ndara Village. Other traditional dances and games can also be seen by visitors in this sanggar (dance studio). In Wae Sano village visitors can see the Caci and other traditional dances and games in Sanggar Riang Pede at Nunang Hamlet.

Can I go fishing in the Lake?

Sano Nggoang Lake is volcanic with high sulfur content so there are no fish in this lake.

Can I swim in the lake?

No, it is not recommended due to the sulfuric content.

Can I drink from the hot spring?

No, the water from the hot spring is not clean enough for people to drink.

Is it safe to go walk/travel around in Mbeliling? How far can we go from the village?

It is safe to travel to Mbeliling and it is very unlikely foreigners will encounter robberies in this area. The road quality still needs improvement between some villages, however.

How long does it take to climb Mbeliling peak? Can I go by myself? Do I need a permit?

The climb to the summit takes 4—5 hours from Cecer village. All visitors must climb in a group with the assistance of a guide.

Can we hunt/kill animals in Mbeliling forest

You cannot hunt or harm animals in Mbeliling. Anyone caught doing so will be subject to criminal penalties under Indonesia’s wildlife protection laws.

What wildlife can we see in Mbeliling forest?

Many types of birds are easily seen in the forest. There are also other animals such as monkey, tree rats, and wildboar. However, they’re more difficult to see.

How dangerous is the wildlife?

There are some snakes found in this area, but they are scared of humans and usually avoid them.

How long do you recommend I book a trip for?

The ideal amount of time is 3 days and 2 nights to see all the cultural and environmental attractions in this region.