Nunang Hamlet

Get Insipired at the Largest Volcanic Lake - Lake Sano Nonggoang

Nunang and Lake Sano Nggoang

Nunang is a small hamlet by Lake Sano Nggoang in Wae Sano Village, Sano Nggoang District, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara. In Nunang, the villagers live in harmony with the nature. However, they are very religious with Catholic as the prominent religion. There is an old church and other religious sites that are still used regularly. The main attraction in Nunang is Lake Sano Nggoang. The village can be reached by a three-hour drive using four or two-wheeled vehicles From Labuan Bajo, the capital of West Manggarai. Attractions Due to its uniquness as well as proximity to Mbeliling and Sesok forest, Nunang offers several tourist attractions such as:

  1. Volcanic Lake Volcanic LakeSano Nggoang is situated 750 m above sea level. It is a volcanic lake of sulphuric water of 513 ha and 600 m deep. While walking is doable, visitors can also enjoy horse riding around the lake.
  2. Hot spring and sulphur spring Hot Spring copyAround Lake Sano Nggoang, there are several natural hot springs with temperature ranges from 37°C to 100°C. These hotsprings are used by curious visitors to boil eggs, casava or banana where it only takes about three minutes to boil. There is also a small hotspring at the edge of the lake where people can dip their feet in.
  3. Endemic bird species Flores MonarchThere are several species of birds that can be found around Sano Nggoang such as the mountain duck Anas superciliosa. However, the place is also famous as the home of all Flores-endemic bird species, i.e. Flores Monarch, Wallace’s Hanging-parrot, Flores Scops-owl, and Flores Crow. A handful of restricted-range species such as Tesia everetti, Rhipidura diluta, and Caridonax fulgidus also wander or live in the area. It makes Sano Nggoang an interesting spot for birding.
  4. Medicinal herbs Medical HerbsOn the trail to Sano Nggoang, people can observe medicinal herbs plantation. Those herbs are used by the locals to cure mild to severe illness such as fever, flu, malaria, as well as cancer. The plants grow in Sesok Forest area.
  5. Golodewa peak Golodewa PeakGolodewa, also known as savanna peak offers the beautiful scenery of Lake Sano Nggoang, Mbeliling Forest, and several small islands on Flores Sea. The peak can be reached after a two-hour trek from Wae Sano Village.
  6. Daily life of the locals Daily LifeIn Nunang, you can experience or witness the life of the locals such as: picking coffee beans, planting rice, weaving, and cracking candlenuts.
  7. Cunca Rami Waterfalls Cunca RamiCunca Rami is one of the three waterfalls that is situated in Mbeliling Forest area. The name of the waterfall itself means forest waterfall (cunca: waterfall; rami: forest). It can be reached after a 2-hour trek from Cunca Lolos Village in Sano Nggoang, West Manggarai, through the green scenery of candlenut forest and paddy fields. The cool and pristine water might be too cold to swim in the morning, but it can be a sweet reward after an exhausting trek during the day.