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FloresEcotourism aims at promoting community-based ecotourism business and management in Liang Ndara and Wae Sano Village. Those two villages are situated in Mbeliling landscape, West Manggarai Regency (Flores), East Nusa Tenggara. Liang Ndara and Wae Sano offer not only rich cultural heritage of the West Manggaraian but also beautiful scenery of natural forest and landscape home to several unique species of birds.

The ecotourism management of these two villages is facilitated by Burung Indonesia (BirdLife Indonesia Association) since 2008. Burung Indonesia facilitates this activity to conserve Mbeliling landscape. Burung Indonesia supports local capacity empowerment and the formation of local civil society organization (CSO). The members of the local CSO are all community-based ecotourism businesses in Liang Ndara and Wae Sano.

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