7. Food

What kind of food will I be able to eat in Mbeliling?

People usually serve rice with a side dish of chicken, fish, and eggs, while the breakfast to be provided is traditional cake made with ingredients such as community garden crops such as cassava, taro, bananas, and corn.

Will food be provided?

Yes. Three meals per day will be provided. Guests are also able to bring their own snacks for outside of this time, and tea and coffee is also available throughout the day.

Will water be supplied?

Yes. Natural spring water will be boiled before being served to all guests.

Is there western food, or only Indonesian?

Visitors will eat similar food to their host family, so only Indonesian food will be available.

I don’t like rice/spicy food, are there other options?

If you do not eat rice, bread can be provided instead, but please let us know in advance. Non-spicy food will always be provided and can be served separately.  

Will I be able to eat vegetarian food in Mbeliling?

Yes, vegetables such as pumpkin, cassava leaves and papaya leaves as well as fruits such as banana or papaya will be provided.

Is it forbidden to drink alcohol in Mbeliling?

The local typically consume alcohol (palm wine) in small quantities.