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What is the electricity supply in Flores and what plugs are used?

In some places in Flores there is electricity available from the national network, but in Mbeliling, electricity supply comes from solar power at a level of 5-10 watts. It is recommended to bring additional batteries for your gadgets.

Is there any internet/wireless connection in Mbeliling?

There is no internet connection in the villages in Mbeliling. Even in some parts of the region there is no telecommunication signal.

Is there any telecommunication signal in Mbeliling?

There are phone signals, though Telkomsel (one of Indonesia’s largest phone companies) available in Roe, Langgo, Werang, and Rekas villages.

Can I use my credit card in Flores?

Yes, but only in some hotels and restaurants in larger cities such as Labuan Bajo. Cash is the main form of payment used throughout the island.

Where can I find an ATM in Flores?

Labuan Bajo, Ruteng, Borong, Bajawa, Ende, Maumere and Larantuka

What type and standard of accommodation will I encounter?

In Labuan Bajo there are many different types of hotels ranging from 1 to 5 stars. While in Mbeliling, there are only homestays.

What kinds of vehicles are used for the trip?

The road is not well paved, but motorcycle or car can be used to reach the village.

Is there any western toilet available there?

There are only local toilets available in the village, but they are clean and either connected to the homestays or are in a separate bathroom next to the house.

Are there western showers?

Western showers are not available. Instead, guests will try the traditional Indonesian “mandi”, which is a bucket shower.

Can I flush toilet papers into the toilet?

No, but there will be a rubbish bin provided for guests.

Do I need to bring my own towel?

Yes, all guests will need to bring a towel or sarong.

How to wash my clothes? Is there any laundry service provided?

As there are no laundry facilities provided in the villages, guests will need to wash their own clothes, and washing facilities will be available at each home stay.

Is there any hot water?

Yes, you can ask your host family for some boiled hot water.

Is there any safety deposit box? Where should I leave my valuable belongings?

There are no safety deposit boxes currently available, so we recommend that you leave your belongings in your homestay in a locked bag, or leave them at home.

I want to stay with a host family, do you choose one for me, or can I choose my own?

Your homestay will be chosen for you based on the number of people and facilities available in each house.

Do you have a room with 2 single beds, or only double beds?

There are only double beds currently available.

Are there mosquito nets?

Yes, there are mosquito nets in every room but you can also bring mosquito repellant for your convenient.

Are there shops in Labuan Bajo to buy snacks and supplies before we leave?

Yes. There are some great stores that sell various kinds of snacks and other essentials including bread. There are also some small shops in Mbeliling which sell toiletries, and packaged goods.

Is there somewhere in the villages to leave our rubbish, or should we bring it back with us?

Yes, all local communities have rubbish bins.