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How do I get to Mbeliling from Labuan Bajo?

Mbeliling can be reached through hiring a car (there are several car rentals in Labuan Bajo), or taking a motorbike taxi (ojek) or catching a public bus.

What is the public transportation like?

There are public buses and trucks to Mbeliling with the maximum capacity of 20 people. However, the public transports are very basic and don’t have fixed schedule.

Is there any regular bus services?

Yes. There are two kinds of public transport that serve the Labuan Bajo-Werang route. The buses from Nggorang terminal in Labuan Bajo usually leave around 07.00 am and 01.00 pm while those from Werang leave around 07.00 am and 10.00 am. There are also passenger trucks which have the same schedule as the public buses. Nevertheless, the schedule is subject to change anytime. 

As for Liang Ndara, there isn’t any terminal. Visitors can ask the driver to stop at the junction of Melo or Cecer and catch a bus from the junction to go back to Labuan Bajo. Nevertheless, most people don’t speak English. So, if you don’t speak Indonesian, it is easier to hire a car with driver.

Can we drive motorbike/car by ourselves to get to Mbeliling?

Yes, all drivers must have a valid national or international driving licence. However, it should be noted that the road to the villages is rocky and a little bit muddy when raining.

Are there taxis or can we hire a car and drive ourselves?

There aren’t any taxis in Labuan Bajo, but people can hire cars or motorbikes and drive themselves. Motorbike taxis (ojek) are available.

Is it easy to find my way around? Are there road signs or will I need a map?

It can be challenging to find your way around, as there are limited signs. Maps or a GPS are recommended, but you can always ask the locals during the way.

How do I get to Kelimutu Lake from Mbeliling?

You can use public bus or minibus to reach Ende. If you are around Werang, there is public bus service to Ruteng that leave Werang at around 07.00 am. You can continue the trip to Ende by using public bus or minibus. Meanwhile, if you are around the trans Flores, you can take a public bus or minibus with majors Ruteng and then went on to Ende.