Do I need any vaccinations to enter Indonesia?

Please check with your doctor before departure.

Do I need to take any medical precautions before travelling?

Yes, but it is better to check with your doctor first. Malaria and dengue fever are found in Flores, so anti-malarial medication, mosquito repellent and clothes with long pants and sleeves are recommended.

Is the tap water safe to drink in Mbeliling?

No, but clean water will be provided by your homestay.

Can I consume alcohol while using malaria medicines?

Please check with your doctor beforehand.

Are there western doctors located near Mbeliling? Where are the hospitals located?

There are no western-standard medical facilities located in Mbeliling, but there is a health centre (Puskesmas) in Labuan Bajo. The nearest hospital is located in Ruteng.

In case of emergency, you will be taken to the Local Health Center (Poskesdes) in the village, managed by a nurse and a midwife. Shall they can’t give you first aid, ask the local to get a car (if you’re in Liang Ndara) or call the ambulance of Werang Health Center (Puskesmas Werang, in case you’re in Nunang) to take you to the health center in Labuan Bajo.

If I travel with a guide, will they have any first aid supplies?

There are not, as our guides are not trained to perform first aid. Guests are recommended to bring their own medical supplies to Flores in case of emergencies.