About Mbeliling


Location Mbeliling is a sub-district in West Manggarai Regency in Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara. It is named after Mount Mbeliling, the highest mountain in the regency, the height of which is approximately 1,300 meter above sea level. Mbeliling landscape mainly consists of Mount Mbeliling, Mbeliling forest, shrublands, and several villages adjacent to it. Among those villages, two of which, i.e. Wae Sano and Liang Ndara are the main destinations of FloresEcotourism.

Normal Weather and Temperature Similar to other regions in Indonesia, there are only rainy and dry seasons in Mbeliling. Rainy season usually falls between October to April while the dry season starts from May to September. Normally, the daily temperature in the area ranges around 15 degree Celcius at night and 27 degree Celcius during the day.

Forest and wildlife Mbeliling forest is the largest one in Flores. It consists of 72.4 km2 protected forest, 41.8 km2 conservation forest, and 120 km2 of limited production forest. There are several springs in the forest which serve as the main source of water for people in Labuan Bajo. The forest is home to 152 species of bird, including four Flores endemics: Flores Hanging-parrot (Loriculus flosculus), Flores Monarch (Monarcha sacerdotum), Flores Crow (Corvus florensis), and Flores Scops-owl (Otus alfredi).

People and culture The inhabitants of Mbeliling are mostly of Kempo ethnicity, descended from Manggaraian who lives in Western Flores. The majority of them are farmers who plant candlenut, cashew, cocoa, coffee, and clove. Candlenut productivity from this region reaches 733 ton/year. The combination of Mbeliling geographical condition and its inhabitants’ background make the area possesses beautiful panorama while rich in cultural attractions.